The Exams Office is offering members two free places at our certificated 'New Invigilator Training' taking place at 6 venues during the 2017/18 academic year. 

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To ensure exams are conducted as required, in line with JCQ and awarding body regulations and instructions, a team of invigilators needs to be in place in a centre.

JCQ General regulations for approved centres, Chapter 5 states, a centre must...

  • provide fully trained invigilators for examinations, including on-screen and computer based assessments;
  • provide fully trained Oral Language Modifiers, practical assistants, readers, scribes and Sign Language Interpreters for examinations where permitted in accordance with the JCQ publication Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments...

Whether invigilators are members of staff with other roles in the centre or staff recruited externally for the sole purpose of invigilation, they need to be trained in the role and kept updated on annual changes. JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations, Chapter 6 states...

  • A training session must be held for any new invigilators.
  • An update meeting must be held for the existing invigilation team so that they are aware of any changes.
  • You must make sure that invigilators know what is expected of them.  

An effective team of invigilators will ensure that exams run smoothly and according to the required instructions for conducting exams. The Exams Office provides a suite of resources to support the recruitment, training and deployment of invigilators.

2016/17 Resources

Members click here to access the Invigilation support resources  page

Planning (Recruiting invigilators)

Pre-exams (Training invigilators)

Exam time (Deploying invigilators)

Exams review (Gathering feedback from invigilators)

Invigilation videos

For the 2016/17 academic year, The Exams Office - in conjunction with OCR - added a series of JCQ-compliant online video clips incorporating the latest rules and regulations relating to invigilation. These are intended to help our members when training their invigilators.

The first 5 clips focus upon:


The Exams Office is the only organisation providing up-to-date online video clips which you can use to train your invigilators - all included within your membership

Invigilator Training

The Exams Office is offering a members-only certificated 'Invigilator Training' package delivered in your school/college.

This training covers:

  • A 4-hour training session for your invigilators covering:
  • The qualities/skills of a good invigilator
  • The JCQ requirements
  • Invigilator's responsibilities
  • Access Arrangements invigilation
  • Preparing for an exam day
  • Starting an examination
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Dealing with malpractice
  • Ending the examination
  • Collecting the scripts
  • Supporting your exams officer

Following the training, we will send the exams officer certificates which can be signed and presented to your invigilators. This will provide evidence that your invigilators have been trained, and when this training took place.

The cost to deliver this training is:

Up to 20 invigilators - 195 (non-TEO members - 295)

20 - 40 invigilators - 345 (non-TEO members - 495)

For more details, or to book your 'Invigilator Training' please email or telephone 0333 7000 755

The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in schools/colleges as a result of the information provided on our website or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of schools/colleges to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.

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