The information on this page has been taken directly from, and links directly to, Pearson's website. All queries relating to Pearson qualifications. systems and processes must be addressed with Pearson, not The Exams Office


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Keep up to date with the latest information, tips and reminders with Pearson's weekly e-newsletter designed specifically for exams officers.

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Pearson offer free training to help exams officers adminster their qualifications.

For details of events related to BTEC and general Academic qualifications, please click the link above.


These videos show you the steps you need to take to perform some of the most common tasks on Edexcel Online for Pearson's BTEC and general qualifications.


Along with the information manual, Pearson send out an exams officer timeline which includes all of their key dates relating to academic and vocational qualifications. This is available in an interactive and user friendly version to be downloaded and saved on to your computer. You can then tick off the dates as you go along to show you a summary of your activities throughout the academic year.

Along with the dates, there are also some useful links and videos relevant to the different dates to support you throughout your role. 


Each year Pearson produce an information manual that's sent to all centres around the start of the academic year as a booklet. They also produce a different version of the information manual for international centres. Both manuals are available on their information manual page.

The information manual contains details of Pearson's administrative procedures and essential information such as contacts and key dates, and is intended as a reference tool to assist exams officers and other administrators.


Information is available on the following:


Details of Pearson's Post-Results services and how to apply, including information on fees for EARs and ATS requests.


Please click the link above to view information of fees for Pearson's qualifications. 


Key Documents


Click on the links below to access key documents and information from Pearson.


Additional Support




Quality Nominees (BTEC qualifications)


Contact Information


UK centres


Telephone - 0844 463 2535. For more information click here.

E-mail -


International centres


Edexcel or BTEC:

Telephone - 012 0477 0696. For more information click here.

E-mail -


Telephone - +44 (0) 120 4770 696. For more information click here.

E-mail -



The Exams Office and Pearson work collaboratively to support the exams officer community


You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.

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