Professional Development Programme


Professional Development Certificate


As part of the Professional Development Programme, each term The Exams Office issues a 'Certificate of Completion' to those successfully completing their Professional Development Plans (PDPs).


Certification should be requested by your line manager once they have verified/'signed off' your PDP for each academic term (and for new exams officers - your induction PDP).


An email to request each certification (please use the subject line Certificate request) should be sent to containing the following information in the body of the email:

  • centre number
  • name of line manager
  • name of exams officer
  • length of time exams officer has been in role

A PDF of your certificate will be emailed. On receipt is recommended that your line manager signs a hard copy of each Professional Development Certificate.


Certificates can be used to inform your annual appraisal/performance management review meetings and your continuing professinal development going forward.


Please note that completing The Exams Office's Professional Development Programme, or by receiving a Certificate of Completion, does not place any responsibility, or onus, upon The Exams Office for the administration and management of examinations in any school/college. It is the responsibility of the exams officer, their line manager and/or the Head of Centre for the conducting, administration and management of examinations within their school/college. 

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