Professional Development Programme


Professional Development Plan (PDP)


This is available free of charge to both members and non-membersThe programme is completed via three Professional Development Plans (PDPs). 

Plans are made available for the start of each academic term:

  • PDP: Autumn term 2017/18 -To be published in August 2017
  • PDP: Spring term 2017/18 To be published in December 2017   
  • PDP: Summer term 2016/17 - Published in March 2017


New exams officers


For new exams officers, the programme above is enhanced by successful completion of a further PDP:

  • PDP: Induction for new exams officers 2017/18 -To be published in August 2017

The induction plan should ideally be completed on starting the role either before, or alongside, completion of the relevant term's PDP. This allows new exams officers, starting at any point during the academic year. to embark on the programme.

For example, a new EO starting in January 2018 should complete in order:

  • PDP: Induction for new EOs 2017/18
  • PDP: Spring term 2017/18
  • PDP: Summer term 2017/18      
  • PDP: Autumn term 2018/19

Use The Exams Office's induction support guide for new exams officers to aid your progress. At the end of induction, meet with your line manager to confirm successful completion. 


How do I complete my PDPs?


Print the termly PDP at the start of each term (autumn, spring and summer)

Record your success (your development) against each criterion as instructed in the plan

At the end of each term, meet with your line manager to confirm successful completion


Support documents


The support documents below, to be published in August 2017, help you successfully complete your PDPs during the 2016/17 academic year. Access these documents and use/complete as instructed:

  • PDP: Exam cycle checklist
  • PDP: Exam cycle checklist - example  
  • PDP: Key support information framework
  • PDP: Action Plan   

To understand the purpose of the above support documents and how they should be used, revisit About the Professional Development Programme.


The Exams Office's PDPs and support documents have been devised by ex-Department for Education (DfE) exams experts




Recognition of successful completion of PDPs, confirmed by line management, is gained by requesting certification from The Exams Office.

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Free-to-attend* National Exams Officer Conferences.

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*Attendance to our National Exams Officer Conferences is free for members of The Exams Office. Priority places will be given to members. Non-members can attend, if capacity allows, for £145 (+VAT)


Further professional development and training


Retain your termly PDPs  as a record of tasks sucessfully completed (success criteria) and line manager approval. New exams officers should also retain their induction PDP. Use these to inform your annual appraisal/performance management review meetings.

Going forward, these can also form part of your professional development  portfolio as part of your career development or when applying for other roles or transferring to another centre.

Determine any further training that might be relevant to your continuing professional development in the exams officer role.


For information on training offered by The Exams Office (and Exams Training) click here.


For information on support/training offered by the awarding bodies listed below, click on the links to the awarding body pages of our website below or research directly with the awarding body:




Please note that completing The Exams Office's Professional Development Programme, or by receiving a Certificate of Completion, does not place any responsibility, or onus, upon The Exams Office for the administration and management of examinations in any school/college. It is the responsibility of the exams officer, their line manager and/or the Head of Centre for the conducting, administration and management of examinations within their school/college. 

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